About us

Customized, luxurious mirror furniture are a speciality of AS Home manufacture. The story of this manufacture appeared spontaneously. In 2016 we bought an incredible mirror console table and coffee table to our interior. Furniture were imported from abroad, expensive and not perfect. Somewhere broken, and because of importing – hard to fix. Process was lasting for weeks. I was searching the internet all the time, looking for extraordinary, New York arrangements, which I was dreaming about, to have it in my own space. I wanted my rooms to be luxurious, modern with a little bit of classic, and still look like an infinity space. I was always interested in good design with taste, and I wanted to plan not only for myself, but also professionally, for others. On Polish market I couldn’t find producers, who would help me with realizing my customized ideas and projects. My husband have been listening to my discussions and thoughts about this, and one day he came up with the idea of doing a mirror closet for me. He was already thinking about technical sketches and dimensions. So, the first mirror closet he built for us. Time was passing, there were more and more ideas, and people keen on our incredible, original furniture. At the beginning – from our friends, but soon customers started appearing everywhere. It seemed like there are some amateurs of exclusive mirror furniture in Poland. AS Home company was founded primarily thanks for fresh, brave ideas of our customers. My fascination of design pushed me to graduate studies about INTERIOR & DESIGN, what allows me to create furniture and areas expertly since the beginning, not only in my imagination. 

AS Home connected all the stages of work, starting with making a project with details, through searching for the best materials, till using unusual trim, what is our hallmarks. With our development, the variety of AS Home original projects is growing. Chests of drawers, mirrors, flowerpots and other elements of interior fittings appear, except the closets and console tables. Their common points are: mirror, masterpiece in details and discipline in choosing the best quality materials. In our projects we use crystal mirror, which can be chamfered on clients request, inside the drawers – leather, and the complement of the objects are crystal knobs. Everything is kept in considered shape, New York design and specified colour range. Cause, except an obsessive care of the detail and realization, our special feature are appropriate colours chosen with taste. Black and white are perfectly composing with AS Home mirror furniture.

Our collections are arising for demanding clients, aware of good design and style. These are often customized projects made for special order. Together with AS Home you can create an unrepeatable, exclusive mirror piece of furniture, which can make you feel unique and special in your house.  AS Home company can fulfill dreams about high quality furniture, not only looking luxurious, but also being functional for their owners, cause made according to their suggestions and needs.  With pleasure, we will prepare for our customers unique furniture and accessories made of crystal mirror. We also offer additionally design services, arrangement, visualization in the interior and montage. 

AS Home created a collection of modern mirror furniture, showing their exceptional brand aesthetics from inside. Beauty of it is emphasized by perfectly selected materials, special care while doing every furniture and shape of them. It fully reflects extraordinary and sophisticated image of the company. We create furniture with passion to beauty and design. We can change the dimensions and pattern for request of the clients. Originally designed  furniture will define the interior character and will let the customer to choose the function of it. Thanks to a broad portfolio of our own products AS Home company is a part of bold vision of modern mirror furniture and is able to satisfy various needs of our clients.


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