Crystal mirror

Crystal mirror. There is nothing surprising about it. It is just an another material on the way to individualization. Being tired of uniformity, we are searching out for the interiors signs of uniqueness and originality. The growing need for the new material in the interiors is a great challenge for contractors and arrangers, and is opening new possibilities for them. Because atmosphere and style depend on finishing material selection. Crystal mirror can expand space, lighten it, give an exclusive and modern fashion.

Cristal Mirror is an excellent material for unusual interior. Cause it is not just a practical object anymore – designed on a piece of furniture, wall or doors, can change interior entirely. All you have to do is to attentively choose shape of the furniture or accessory, to match it to the style of the house and the practical and aesthetic function of the subject. Then it becomes a perfect and extraordinary material in our space. AS Home company helps clients not only with projecting the furniture, but also to chose the place for it. Chamfered crystal mirror, except its practical purpose, perfectly expand small space, or placed opposite to the window, lighten interior by dispersal of light reflection in the room. 



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