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We present a special as home X laura collection that is an effect of our entire team experience. Needs of Laura, AS Home owners daughter, started the creation of an individual project with a soul. The collection, where the furniture manufacture connect with the art. A unique connection with an individual, timeless X-form, made of the highest quality materials – glass, chamfered crystal optiwhite mirror and white, matte mdf.


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This project has a personal character for me. It is an effect of my need to have influence on the surrounding reality. There are no inspired or copied conceptions in the project. It is a promotion of good, manufacturer design, which connect the idea of beauty and uniqueness with lighting. The collection of mirror table and floor lamps outspends by a long, sandblasted shapes inside the mirror frames, throw which the led light shine to the interior. This is the modern technology of diods placed on the modern mdf bases. The whole thing is minimalistic and in a good taste. The lines are perfectly pure, but this is a simplicity, which ensures the feel of comfort. It is my goal to create simple project with a soul.

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The fundament of designing functional and unique interior for You is an exact consultation of Your expectactions. How do the particular steps of design process in may studio look like? Come and see.


Nowoczesne meble z lustra kryształowego zdjęcie pierwsze

Modern crystal mirror furniture

Speciality of AS Home company is a precisely designed handmade production of mirror furniture. Thanks to our individual approach to every project, paying attention to details and using materials of highest quality our products are exceptional on Polish market.

Nowoczesne meble z lustra kryształowego zdjęcie drugie Nowoczesne meble z lustra kryształowego zdjęcie trzecie


The crystal mirror is not only an ordinary stuff that can decorate your room. Properly arranged it can lighten the space, expand it, give an interesting optical effect and add some modernity. Thanks to it, regular and everyday use things become more beautiful and unique.


Featured categories

Consoles and dressing tables

These are little tables meant to be standing by the wall supported on 2 or 4 legs that we can place between the windows, under the mirror, painting or poster. It can be used to put a clock on it, some photos or flowers. In the past console tables were semicircular, wooden and today AS Home company can offer to its clients unusual consoles in simple form – made of mirror or glass (lacobel).

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Chests of drawers, dressers, shelves & wardrobes

These are furniture full of drawers and doors that can be used for storing and hiding things, that you don’t want to expose. It is an important furnishing element. In the past these were wooden, decorated and overwhelming furniture. AS Home company is offering to its clients simple and modern designs – made out of mirror or white lacobel.

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Smooth surfaces thanks to which we can get a reflection of the surroundings (objects and people nearby). In the past mirrors were there just for the practical reasons. We can offer mirrors in more decorative and modern design that will adorn and expand your interior.

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All our products are handmade what means that you can buy here your own personalized thing for your home. Thanks to the unique handmade wares made out of precisely selected materials of high quality we would like to inspire you to create your own designs. After we will make a visualization in our workshop and be able to create them as a masterpiece mirror furniture. Original and fresh polish design – we can call our AS Home company so.

Usługa aranżacji wnętrz zdjęcie pierwsze

Interior design service

Interior design is most importantly passion and  pleasure supported by the education in this area and practice. These are projects made by the wife of company owner just to let our clients not only get the furniture but also let them see how the furniture will fit their interiors before we make them. These are individual projects made for need of our clients after precisely analyzing their character and expectations. Advice connected with knowledge and experience guarantee contentment and satisfaction on every step of work.

Usługa aranżacji wnętrz zdjęcie drugie Usługa aranżacji wnętrz zdjęcie trzecie

AS Home manufacture

At the very beginning our goal was not to create a furniture manufacture – first furniture that we had made was for our own interior. The reason to start business was a low availability of high quality mirror furnitures in New York style. Our ideas and projects of them got attention first around our friends and today – around all Poland and even abroad.

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Zdjęcie Manufaktura AS Home

Why is it worth trusting us?

Zdjęcie Wysoka jakość wykonania

High quality

Zdjęcie Bezpieczny transport

Safe delivery

Zdjęcie Możliwosć personalizacji

Possibility of personalization

Zdjęcie Usługi projektowania

Design services

Zdjęcie Ręczne wykonanie w Polsce

Handmade in Poland


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