„I want to develop myself. I want to have influence on the surrounding reality”

The world of modern design more often notices the uniqueness of handmade projects. AS Home company has been created in 2018, and I have been engaged an multidisciplinary team of designers and craftsmen, who are highly sensitive for things created with soul. This time I had felt a need of connecting my methods of work with a modern technology, which has resulted in new, original projects. I don’t want to offer you imitations or projects similar to those produced by famous designers, I want to develop and create my own, individual projects. Recalling the beginnings of AS HOME LIGHT, there was a lot of technical issues I had to learn on my own, although the basics I had already knew thanks to my father in law. It is much easier now, because of my experience.


The final result of my work is the collection of table lamps and floor lamps. It is outstanding by its long shapes of mirror frames, sandblasted and seated on modern mdf base. The whole thing is lack in any ornaments, it is minimalistic and in good taste. The connection of finishing materials is fascinating – a velvet, subtle mdf with crystal mirror, on which there is a sandblasted, symmetrical shape, to let the led light shine from inside, and the advanced technology of diodes. Each of the frame is an individual, original project. The modern technology of energy-saving led light makes it possible to spread the light equally in the lampshade. As an answer for our client’s needs, we offer a possibility of choosing the light color. Because our light is to harmonize with both – room and the person. We also provide the possibility to smoothly regulate the light intensity throw the touch, pilot or smartphone.

There are no inspired or copied conceptions in the project. It is a promotion of good, manufacturer design, which connect the idea of beauty and uniqueness with lighting. It’s incredible, how you can change the whole interior by changing the lighting. The light is a color, texture and shadows, so that this concept is so important. It creates the space, shows this what was hidden, fits the interior to it’s owner. 

In our offer there are table lamp and floor lamp (the bigger version of table lamp).


Sławek Wilkowiecki



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