Timeless project of as home x laura design line is a fulfillment of our previous projects. Project of dresser from AS HOME X LAURA line is now available in our portfolio. Laura, daughter of AS Home owners, had known perfectly well what does it mean to live without a capacious, exclusive bookshelf with a creative designed inside – with a space for single books and the whole series. So she requested Ania, the designer of AS Home company to create a design of useful, functional, original and timeless piece of furniture – X-framed with smooth, crossing lines made of matte, warm white mdf, with a shape exposed by chamfered optiwhite glass. An inspiration for the project of X frame was Barcelona armchair, made by the icon of design – Ludwig van der Roche. Creating AS HOME X LAURA design was a meeting with new expectations of AS Home clients. Realization of this projects became an unusually important challenge for the owner of the company, who was creating this bookshelf personally step by step, supervising every move. Laura is not a designer or crafter, so making this design line came from natural needs of the enthusiast of paper literature. There will be a dresser made in very similar concept and finishing in our portfolio.

Ania, the designer of the bookshelf as home x laura, and further also the dresser, exposed advantages of the project: precisely composed, divided shelves, glass, x frame, straight pedestals and blind windows without any cutters, very elegant, in matte white of mdf, division for the upper and lower part and exclusive, crystal knobs. The most important is the x front, in both bookshelf and dresser. The chamfered optiwhite glazing discreetly hide the intriguing content of the bookshelf. Complete personalization of the project for the owner’s daughter shows the importance of this individual, timeless furniture. Through the keeping of line’s important elements and connection of white, matte mdf with glass or mirror, AS Home defines the timelessness and classics. Pragmatism of projects is shown by it’s functionality and aesthetic values. The line is kept in the tone of crystal mirror, the characteristic feature of our company. AS Home team created the X line – elegant, simple, with the highest quality of the finishing, made in the local factory in lower silesia.