Brooklyn Collection

The Brooklyn collection, with simple, minimalistic and harmonic construction on the chrome frame, was the first demonstration of the mirror console. AS Home developed a console project from Brooklyn collection, which made the aesthetic and function meet halfway and open the production of new design concept of objects of everyday use. Brooklyn collection raised our client’s fascination, not only because of form we gave to it, but mostly thanks to the material we use. Crystal mirror and chrome frame, modern thanks to the lack of ornaments, just crystal knobs placed on the drawers, that refer to a traditional cut glass, which gave a glamour style to the collection. The entire collection is simple, functional and full of brightness. Table top is solid, minimalistic, standing on a chrome frame and has no additional decorations.

Brooklyn collection keeps an impression of simplicity, quality and moderation. Shine reflections highlight the collection in the space. It has become a shiny, tempting with elegance and exclusiveness element of the interior equipment, that can be introduced by AS Home in every room. Brooklyn collection is a new version of traditional everyday use furniture forms. The entire collection has a cool, minimalistic form. Simple mirror table tops standing on a regular chrome frame, through little changes can provide many different functions, depending to the owner’s needs. Simple, precisely polished edges of crystal mirror, adding some extra shelves or drawers on different heights, so it means the collection will never stop developing and can be personalized in a way you wish.
Thin chrome frame make the collection look light and clear, it even become a delicate addition to the mirror table tops, which by chamfered crystal mirror and crystal knobs got very feminine and took on a sensual dimension. Brooklyn collection doesn’t block the space and doesn’t cover anything in it. Despite the minimalistic form, aesthetics, stability and solidity of the furniture are determined by the materials used in creating process: crystal mirror and pure chrome frame.

Following the success of Brooklyn collection, aiming to meet the expectations of AS Home clients, we created collections: Brooklyn Pure, where projects are consequently keeping the standard form but have the finishing of white lacobel; Brooklyn Elegance, where mirror elements are finished with chamfered crystal mirror and Brooklyn Marble, where side elements of the table top are finished with chamfered crystal mirror and the top is made of quartz conglomerate Calaccata Silva or Gold. Brooklyn collection is constantly developing: the new project Brooklyn Gold joined the collection, where all mirror elements are covered with a noble gold mirror.

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