Chelsea Collection

The collection of mirror flower pots Chelsea is an original collection designed by AS Home owner, Sławomir. From the concept, through the project, till handmade realization. He was inspired by traditional outdoor flower boxes, often placed on windowsills. They are made in unusual way, from unusual material – crystal mirror and profile covered with chrome. Mirror can be chamfered, to expose aesthetic qualities – not only utility. Both small and big flower pots Chelsea have their own standard dimensions, that can be changed for your request.

Frame profile is a visible ending of the flower pot, and its dimensions remain constant – 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm, with corners cut at the angle of 45°. Every pot has also our original designed height adjustment system – small pot has 5 levels, big has 3. Simple and modern form gave us a model of contemporary, very minimalistic flower pot. Height adjustment system let you to use it also for huge plants. The entire thing is stable and strong, with smooth mirror surface, so it can be an effective decoration for your interior.