Greenwich Collection

The collection of full mirror furniture Greenwich expanded AS Home’s offer, opening a division of storage furniture, which help to keep order in the saloon, bedroom, hall or bathroom. The collection bases on the modern style Arts and Crafts and glamour – design utility and functional furniture, keeping their’s aesthetic value at once. Our inspiration was creating furniture not on a mass production, but handmade, including individual needs of customers. Simple, shipshape made full furniture, made only of crystal mirror, with crystal knobs – they are models of Greenwich collection. Mirror piece of furniture from Greenwich collection has a lack of ornaments, made with proper proportion, intentionally exposing some of construction elements, like surrounding mirror frame, enhance aesthetic value of crystal mirror. Inside deep and capacious drawers, on the bottom, on the customer’s request, we can put white leather at the bottom of them. The arrangement of the drawers can be personalized by the client. Every piece of furniture can be personalized, so that our client receives an original project, visualized in our workshop and made in our manufacture. Machine cut and chamfered crystal mirrors, are hand assembled, to create a unique product for your interior, what is visible in perfect connection.

Drawers made of chamfered, crystal mirror are a strong horizontal accents, enhancing the arrangement of the furniture. Angular solidity of the entire construction, with tough look and smooth surface, is equilibrated by round crystal knobs. Furniture from Greenwich collection are made of the highest quality materials. A complicated method of connection on edges is characteristic for AS Home. Using only one kind of material – crystal mirror, enhance the character of this material, and the importance of the form in relation with space. Refractions of the reflection, which are achieved in this collection through the precisely projected arrangement of the drawers, show the luxury decoration style, without any redundant elements of the interior equipment.