Harlem Collection

Collection of mirror furniture on chrome X-frame become for our company an another step to individualization through design original, unique projects, running away from mass production, which does not enrich the owner and the interior, being only a synonym of platitude. An inspiration to create Harlem collection on X-frame was Barcelona Armchair, design icon, projected by Mies van der Rohe. Classic X frame, with smooth, crossing, pure lines, made of chrome, square pipes, harmonizes with crystal, mirror, high table top, creating impressive, shiny piece of furniture. Consequently realizing the philosophy of Van der Roche designer „less means more”, we decreased the number of elements and resign from any decorations, making a project only with crystal mirror and chrome frame. And that’s how the Harlem collection was started – simplified, modern, functional, and with simple form. Pureness and avoiding kitsch become a main theme for Harlem collection, representing totally minimalistic style. „Less, but better” – in a good design, less decorations, arranged properly, make much better impression than more decorations.

Smooth, shiny surfaces of crystal mirror and chrome X frame mean light reflections, reflecting the space and enlarging the room at once. Simple contours and modern material are very minimalistic style. Attractiveness of Harlem collection comes from the connection of mirror table top with chrome X frame. Visible X-shape in furniture from this collection arouses interest with these projects, free from ornaments. Crystal mirror as a finishing material stays in harmony with open, roomy and bright spaces of minimalistic interiors, brings together with them.