Little Italy Collection

Crystal mirrors from Little Italy and Slope collections are an unusual kind of interior decorations, proposed by AS Home. An inspiration to create this decorations line was minimalism, which contains a pure, open space. There are not many things worth to see in the interior – that is why we used mirror frame, which can surround each of our special posters, in a perfect way. Huge, simple, chamfered crystal mirrors, in the frame made of mirror or chrome, bring space, lightness and brightness to the interior. Mirrors designed and made by AS Home have to be chosen according to the style and imagination of their owners, so as to enhance the interior’s character.

In the mirror’s manufacture, AS Home consequently keeps minimalism, so as to change crystal mirror into an artwork in the interior. In the centre of attention, there is a chamfered crystal mirror in a shape of square or rectangle, which dimensions can be personalized for the client. Frame of the mirror from Litaly Italy collection is made with 6,5 cm wide mirror, rose diagonally on height of 5 cm from the outside, falling down to the inside to 2 cm. Corners are connected at the angle of 45°.