Long Island Collection

Long Island collection is a novelty of AS Home. Indispensable advantage of our company is a fact, that we work on the article from the beginning till the end on our own. We create a project, make a visualization and finally, after choosing the best quality of finishing materials, produce it in our manufacture. Direct engagement into manufacturing process, and acting this process as a form of creative expression, has a positive influence on creating individual, unique and original products, often arising from the needs of our customers. The same was with Long Island collection, which is an original line created on special needs of one of them, enjoying great interest.

Long Island collection is very minimalistic, ultramodern. The priority during creating this collection was function, bewaring of shallow decorative and heartfelt exposition of materials. Unusually simple form, defined from the front by straight lines and fulfilled with two symmetrical drawers, hooked up from below, is a manifest of modern design icon. Intended, it was supposed to be a very functional product, making an impression of solid and massive, but at once modern and with precisely balanced form. Full sides, supporting the table top, has from the front the same height as width. Underneath there are mounted two symmetrical drawers with elegant, crystal knobs. Full sides are made of crystal mirror, with the same depth as the table top – thanks to this the furniture are solid and safe even in huge sizes, and mirror, extensive surfaces reflect the space, swelling it. There are an original and unusual projects, what a perfect interior cannot do without.

Ultramodern, precisely made furniture from Long Island collection have been finished with the best quality crystal mirror. The only decoration elements are crystal knobs. Long Island collection, same as Greenwich collection, refers to a modern style Craft and Arts, reject using any ornaments, focusing on functional and form of the products. Using only one finishing material for the furniture – crystal mirror – express the importance of the material and form, for the interior. Simplicity of the form, in the vertical and horizontal layout only, makes that Long Island collection can be arranged in every type of interior, in a harmony with every interior style.
Long Island collection include desks, dressing tables and rtv cabinets. It become very popular instantly, regardless to the high price. Visual simplicity and rationalism also make it very attractive. We know, that material choice, proportions, and the scale – counts.