Soho Collection

Project of the image in mirror frame from Soho collection is an original project from Ania, AS Home designer, therefore includes a poster of Audrey Hepburn – she identifies with her a lot. The entire thing was technically refined by AS Home owner, so that our clients can fill the frame with their own images. Image in the crystal mirror frame from Soho collection is a sophisticated interior decoration, proposed by AS Home. Inspiration to create this kind of decorations was the enhancement of New York style in the interior, through the extravagant frame choice. There are not many things worth to see in the interior – that is why we used mirror frame, which can surround each of our special posters, in a perfect way. In a huge, simple mirror frame you can place not only portraits proposed by AS Home – Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or James Bond, but also your own images, photos or posters. They have to bring a shine, exclusiveness and splendor to the interior. Images designed and made by AS Home have to be chosen according to the taste of their owners, to enhance the character of interiors.

In the image manufacture AS Home consequently keeps minimalism, therefore the image in mirror frame becomes a work of art of the XXI century. In the centre of attention there is a huge poster, finished with rectangular or square mirror frame, which dimensions can be personalized for the client. Frame from Soho collection is made of mirror, wide on 6,5 cm, rose diagonally on height of 5 cm from outside, falling down to the inside to 2 cm. Corners are connected at the angle of 45°. If you wish it can to be chamfered on client’s request, the width is than 10 cm. The entire thing has completely minimalistic character, but different pictures, portraits, colours and photos placed behind the glass in the mirror frame are the effect of composing unique designs. Image in mirror frame from Soho collection can be arranged modular, hanging few of them beside or underneath, in different sizes. In modular arrangement there will be an unique art in the interior, causing a lot of interest. You can also arrange only one huge image, like AS Home proposes in Soho collection – with dimensions 105 cm x 75 cm. The image can be hung either vertically and horizontally. On special request, the frame of the image can be chamfered. It gives 10 cm of frame width, chamfered on 1 cm from inside and outside.