This time, AS Home owner had felt a need of connecting his methods of work with a modern technology, which has resulted in new, original projects of lamps. The light is a color, texture and shadows, so that this concept is so important. It creates the space, shows this what was hidden, fits the interior to it’s owner. In an offer of AS Home Light collection there are: table lamp and floor lamp (the bigger version of table lamp). It is outstanding because of the pureness of lines, it creates one, rational form, but it is also a simplicity which ensures the feel of comfort. In the mirror lampshades there are a sandblasted, symmetrical shapes, to let the led light shine from inside. It is a connection of velvet, subtle mdf on the base with a crystal mirror on the lampshade. To create this collection, we use materials, which are becoming more and more beautiful. We welcome you to make these projects yours.

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