Manhattan Collection

The collection of mirror furniture, where both legs and table top are finished with crystal mirror or narrowed, wooden and white, what is a fulfillment of not only needs, but also wishes of our clients, who want novelties and refreshment for their interiors, arranging them in functional, but moreover – trendy way. In Manhattan collection, we express this novelty through seductive, shiny look. We encourage you by functional improvements and offer seats for the collection, which perfectly harmonize with other products from this collection. The entire Manhattan collection is distinctive by light form, achieved by using crystal mirror as a finishing material to cover both legs and the table top of every product. On the other version, legs are white and wooden, perfectly composed with mirror on the table top. Appearing to the Manhattan collection, where good design is manifested by individualism given to products, is the sequence of rising the nobility of articles. They are not a neuter, mass product – they are desirable elements of interior equipment for our demanding clients.

Crystal, mirror table top with a drawer and elegant crystal knob, standing on four long, slender legs, also finished with crystal mirror or narrowed, white and wooden, enhance light and shapeliness of the project. Legs in Manhattan collection are straight and covered with mirror, and in Manhattan collection on white wooden legs are narrowed and have trapezium shape. An inspiration to create Manhattan collection for the AS Home owner, were soaring skyscrapers of Manhattan, one of New York districts, where crystal high-rises stand above the other houses in countless amount. For Manhattan collection, we designed a seat, that consequently keep the same form and shape same as all furniture from this collection. It has to be discreet and functional and be a fulfillment to the furniture through keeping the same style and matching form. The seat is upholstered by soft, velvet material, softly and subtle in touch.

On special request, it can be finished with client’s material, so that it matches perfectly with the materials already used in the interior. Moreover, it can also be quilted. Rectangular seat is small and glamorous, what is an advantage – you can arrange it even in hard-to-reach places. The frame of the seat is finished with crystal mirror, situated on four legs, which can be also finished with crystal mirror, or narrowed, white wood. Keeping the depth of the seat same as the console from the same collection, it is possible to use it even in a very small room in a way you want. The construction of Manhattan collection is based on the same rules as previous projects, but much more interesting visually, especially when arranged in modern interiors with open space. Finishing legs with crystal mirror causes also beautiful reflection of the light.