Images in mirror frames SOHO

AS Home extended it’s offer for the customers by another sublime project – images in the crystal mirror frame from Soho collection. We propose to you an image, surrounded by the mirror frame Soho. The frame is finished with crystal mirror, and it can be chamfered from all the sides on the client’s request, and the image is hidden behind the glass. Images can become a sophisticated kind of interior decoration, stressing the New York style by an extravagant frame, which AS Home is proposing. There are not many things worth of laying your eyes upon in the interior – that is why we used mirror frame, in which every poster can be surrounded by, in the perfect way as an element of the interior equipment. They give a shine, exclusiveness and splendor to the space. Images, designed and made by AS Home, have to be chosen according to the taste of their owners, so that they enhance the character of their interiors.