Achieving our goals of individuality and originality in creating unique, unrepeatable accents in the interior arrangement constantly, AS Home company proposes an another intriguing finishing material for their furniture – lacobel. Both, crystal mirror and lacobel are an excellent finishing material for the daring interior. Lacobel, for AS Home customers, is an alternative for crystal mirror, by which our products are finished. Because we not always want to reflect the space or to expand it. We sometimes just want to lighten our space, and give to our furniture an unconventional and non-traditional style. Finishing material that make the surfaces plain, shiny and can be finished with a colour perfectly matching to our interior. Colour chosen by the client is placed on the glass with the layer of lacquer in the production process. Than it is resistant on UV rays and you don’t have to worry, that it will get bald with time. We propose to our customers an interesting colour range, to let the colours be fulfillment of the arrangement, not an obstruction in the interior.

Available colors

Lacobel looks very impressive and it attracts attention in the interior, just like the crystal mirror does. Its modern design fits perfectly to the minimalistic interior. Simultaneously, as a finishing material, it complement the crystal mirror. 

AS HOME gives clients a possibility of personalizing the furniture, not only with a form and dimensions, but also with a finishing material.



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