Antique mirror

Thinking of connoisseurs and fans of antique forms and elegant projects with a rustic shade, AS Home propose an intriguing finishing material – ANTIQUE MIRROR.  We watched an unusual solutions, creating new individual and unique projects with a soul for interiors, which owners, creating the new identity for them, are collecting things from the history which are the most beautiful for them. Antique mirror is an alternative for regular mirror for our clients. THESE MIRROR SURFACES ARE SIMILAR TO OLD FASHIONED, ANTIQUE MIRRORS, covered with stains and bruises – it is an intentional action, which has to achieve an original effect. It’s huge advantage is a wide range of textures, patterns and colors. It is associated with a tradition and past, but thanks to the modern technology – corrosion of metal oxides on a surface of gold or silver mirror – we receive this effect in present. This kind of material, although it looks like it have been through a lot already, can last in this state for a long time. We want to welcome you to see the effect of our work – unusual antique mirrors.

Available patterns of antique mirror

We offer a wide range of textures of antique mirror, so that it can perfectly fit to the interiors and tastes of our customers.


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