Dresser from AS HOME X LAURA design line

Dresser from as home x laura line is a connection of crystal mirror and white, matte mdf, cut on x at the front. This line became a totally new project for AS Home, cause except of the crystal mirror, which we are already experts in, we added the highest quality mdf on the table top, in the color of matte white, and x frame of the doors and drawer with a. Very delicate and subtle cut, staying with crystal knobs. AS Home is a Polish manufacture of the mirror furniture, where projects are made from the very beginning, and meet expectations and dreams of our clients without losing the characteristic sign of our company – crystal mirror. That is how the as home x Laura line was created. It includes the ordinariness of the furniture and the unusualness of the projects. Light white of the matte mdf on the table top, drawers and doors underlines the mirror’s delicateness and ensures the magical, illusory power of seeing, what is hidden behind the doors, but in fact only reflecting the interior. Classical frame of the x doors in the as home x laura line is a main theme of this line.„Less means more” – evidenced by the lack of the decorations: only crystal mirror inside the delicate, matte, white door’s frame, straight table top, drawers and crystal knobs.

AS HOME manufacture is a new, creative version in the worldwide mass production.


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Table top of the dresser, drawers and the x frame of the doors are finished with lacquered, white, matte mdf. Sides and doors behind the x frame are finished with a crystal mirror. In the middle of drawers and doors is situated an elegance, crystal knob. Three drawers and doors are consequently divided into the same width: 45 cm, 60 cm and 45 cm. The height of the drawers is 15 cm; on the client’s request they can be deepened and finished with leather from inside. The doors are 80 cm high, on the x frame wide on 8 cm from each side; are finished with the crystal mirror, which can be chamfered or switched into a glass on a client’s request. Behind the doors, in every chamber, there is a shelf mounted. The depth of the dresser is 45 cm. The dresser’s sides are finished also with crystal mirror which can be chamfered on a client’s request. The wholeness of the projects is situated on the four legs in the height of 10 cm, narrowed from 5 to 4 cm to the down, painted on the mdf color – matte white. The whole height of the piece of furniture is 105 cm, but it also can be changed on the client’s request. The depth of the dresser and proportions of drawers can be personalized as well. The whole width of the dresser is 150 cm.


Technical data

  • height: 105cm
  • width: 150cm
  • depth: 45cm


Timeless project of as home x laura design line is a fulfillment of our previous projects. This is a design line, where the furniture manufacure meets art.  Through the keeping of line’s important elements and connection of white, matte MDF with glass or mirror, AS Home defines the timelessness and classics. 

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Unique and handmade furniture to order

Every our product is professionally handmade in our workshop. You can personalize each of our products according to your needs by changing the parameters(height, width, length). You can also add some drawers or shelfs or change their configuration. For the most demanding customers we can offer a design service according to their conception. You can have fully personalized furniture that will perfectly fit your interiors. We can help you in any decision connected with our offer.

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Interior design services

AS HOME offers you interior design and arrangement services. It’s a perfect solution for those, who appreciate unique style, highest quality and elegance. We base on natural materials like glass, mirror, steel, concrete, and stone. We will arrange for you an interior, that will fit in terms of surfaces, lighting and equipment elements. Extraordinary details and interesting textures are important for us. 

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