Image in a mirror frame SOHO

The frame of the image is made of a crystal mirror. In standard dimensions, it is 105 cm high and 75 cm wide, with a poster of Audrey Hepburn, in vertical position. The image can be personalized and mounted also in horizontal position, if customer wish so. The poster is behind the glass, with 2 cm removal from the frame, which is finished with light grey colour. This technical effort increase the depth of the image. It is designed in a way that you can change the poster inside even if it has a different size. The image can give splendor and shine to your interior, all you have to do is design it, choose the poster and mount it – AS HOME can do it all for you.

Realization: 30-40
Delivery: Courier

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Detailed description

Huge, straight and minimalistic mirror frame keeps its form with consequence. Designing this image AS HOME stay modern, and resign from useless decorations. Form of the frame is straight, rectangular, can be square on the customer’s request. We offer two sizes: big ( 105 cm x 75 cm) and small (55 cm x 55 cm). Dimensions can be different. Image from SOHO collection is surrounded by mirror frame (6,5 cm wide), which is raised 5 cm up from the front side and lowered 2 cm down from the inside. Frame corners are cut at the angle of 45°. The poster is behind the glass, and protected with special holders from behind, to keep the entire thing stable. At once, it makes it possible for the client to change the poster any time. 

Due to a huge size, we deliver it safely by our own transport to the clients house. 

Technical data

  • Height: 105cm
  • Width: 75cm
  • Frame thickness: 5cm

Additional information

Weight105 kg
opcja zamówienia

30% value, order 100%, Zaliczka 30% + montaż, Zamówienie 100% + montaż

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