Mirror tray HOWARD

The author of the mirror tray project is AS HOME owner on his own. From the beginning, he was obsessively taking care of the quality of materials and production. It paid off with not only popularity of the furniture, but also with client’s trust, and as a consequence – design of a new, extravagant project.

Elegance and simplicity of the project, properly chosen material and precise finishing, enhance a minimalistic character of trays from HOWARD collection. This project is not only about functional, but also about art and fairy climate. Looking at the tray, you have to feel visual attraction, not the impression of constant work of serve and transfer. The tray is only an addiction on your table, commode, console or coffee table, sophisticated and timeless elegant addition. 

The goal of showing the beauty of everyday use subjects is reminding, that you can live in a harmony with your needs and aesthetic choices, not exactly in style forced by marketing of huge companies.

Moreover, mirror trays from our manufacture let us discreetly show what we want to expose.

Realization: 21-30 working days
Delivery: Courier

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Detailed description

The tray is made of mdf panel and is finished with crystal mirror. The surface inside, and sides (raised on 2 cm from inside and 4 cm from outside) are finished with crystal mirror. The tray is a simple, minimalistic square with dimensions 30 cm x 30 cm or 50 cm x 50 cm from the outside, and 20 cm x 20 cm or 40 cm x 40 cm from the inside, or rectangle: 30 cm x 60 cm from the outside and 20 cm x 50 cm from the inside. Sides are raised on 2 cm to protect things situated on the tray. Thanks to stable and solid construction, it can be used as a functional subject, not only as a mirror decoration. From the bottom there are discreet, colorless, silicone footers – they protect the tray and the table from the damage. So it can be safely used on any surface.

The tray is finished with optiwhite crystal mirror.

Strict and minimalistic form of HOWARD tray, with straight, 5,5 cm wide edge, will perfectly fit to any interior and any style.

Technical data

  • width: 60cm
  • length: 30cm
  • height: 4cm

Technical data

  • width: 50cm
  • length: 50cm
  • height: 4cm

Technical data

  • width: 30cm
  • length: 30cm
  • height: 4cm

Unique and handmade furniture to order

Every our product is professionally handmade in our workshop. You can personalize each of our products according to your needs by changing the parameters(height, width, length). You can also add some drawers or shelfs or change their configuration. For the most demanding customers we can offer a design service according to their conception. You can have fully personalized furniture that will perfectly fit your interiors. We can help you in any decision connected with our offer.

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Interior design service

AS HOME offers you interior design and arrangement services. It’s a perfect solution for those, who appreciate unique style, highest quality and elegance. We base on natural materials like glass, mirror, steel, concrete, and stone. We will arrange for you an interior, that will fit in terms of surfaces, lighting and equipment elements. Extraordinary details and interesting textures are important for us. 

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Additional information

Weight2 kg

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