Mirror wall BOWERY 212×127 cm

AS Home, by offering an unique and unconventional project of mirror wall, wants to inspire you to arrange your interior in New York style. It is for your imagination only, how and where do you want to arrange it. We made it by ourselves, so that there is a possibility of changing the dimensions (both single panels and the whole wall) on a clients wish.


Realization: 50 working days
Delivery: Courier

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Detailed description

It is a mirror „panel”, mounted on the wall. Instead of arduous pattern arrangement from mirror tiles, with help from different professionals, we offer you the product ready to install. The original way of mounting let us do horizontal adjustment to the wall. In standard, it was made with mirror squares ( 30 cm x 30 cm), chamfered on 1 cm, arranged in a diamond pattern, and chamfered triangles.  The idea, how to arrange it, we leave in your own imagination. We can personalize dimensions of the wall or the mirror elements. In our offer (accessories category) we have chamfered mirror rectangles (dimensions 10 cm x 20 cm), for modular composition into mirror wall. Due to a huge size, we deliver it safely by our own transport to the clients house. 

Technical data

  • Height: 212cm
  • Width: 127cm
  • Dimensions of single mirror: 30cm x 30cm

    Additional information

    Weight105 kg
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    30% value, order 100%, Zaliczka 30% + montaż, Zamówienie 100% + montaż

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