Szafka nocna lustrzana BROOKLYN ELEGANCE as homeSzafka nocna lustrzana BROOKLYN ELEGANCE as home

Chamfered mirror bedside cabinet with drawers BROOKLYN ELEGANCE

Sophisticated form and comfort in using are the main features of the chamfered mirror bedside cabinet with drawers BROOKLYN ELEGANCE, new in AS HOME offer. The huge advantage of this project are chamfers. Mirror bedside cabinet from BROOKLYN collection consequently keeps the same form and shape as a dresser, cabinets, consoles and desks BROOKLYN, so that you can arrange it coherently in the interior, avoiding the chaos effect. Crystal mirror with wide and minimalistic fronts of drawers BROOKLYN ELEGANCE is chamfered, and the chrome frame does not have any redundant ornaments. Fronts of drawers have the same width as the cabinet. The whole makes and impression of simplicity, elegance and quality.

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Detailed description

Bedside cabinet with drawers is fully closed, solid. Vertical form is very simple, modern and minimalistic, defined from the front mostly by horizontal lines. It has two rows of drawers in a horizontal arrangement, without any frame around. Each of them is 55 cm wide and 17 cm high. The height of the whole thing is 40 cm, the width is 55 cm and the depth is 35 cm. Crystal mirrors on drawers are chamfered, opened by a TIP-ON system. Fronts of drawers are finished with a precisely polished mirror, chamfered on 1 cm. The piece of furniture is finished with a crystal mirror to the very bottom. The whole thing is situated on a footers (5 cm high, so that you can open it safely, without crashing on the floor). The drawers arrangement can be personalized on a client wish and also finished with a white leather inside. Bedside cabinet with drawers, thanks to the precisely designed dimensions, is shapely and proportional, and the whole thing is very elegant and exclusive.
Drawers wide on the whole cabinet width are the big advantage of the project. They can hide things, which are not necessarily the element of the interior equipment, but are necessary during the everyday use. Additionally, the TIP-ON system causes the resignation of unnecessary ornaments such as the handle, so that the project is modern and minimalistic.
Refractions in the reflection achieved by the perfectly designed bedside cabinet and drawers finished with a chamfered crystal mirror, underline the luxurious style of the furniture, without any ornaments. Straight, horizontal, long stripes of the chamfered mirror are the aesthetic which gives the collection simply, minimalistic elegance without disturbing its look.

Due to a huge size, we deliver it safely to the clients house.

Technical data

  • height: 40 cm
  • width: 55 cm
  • depth: 35 cm

BROOKLYN collection

It keeps the impression of simplicity, quality and modesty. Great reflections make this collection stand out from the others. It is essentially a new development of traditional forms of everyday use. All collection has a minimalistic form. Simple straight mirror table tops settled on a basic chrome frame with little changes they can perform different functions depending on your needs.

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Unique and handmade furniture to order

Every our product is professionally handmade in our workshop. You can personalize each of our products according to your needs by changing the parameters(height, width, length). You can also add some drawers or shelfs or change their configuration. For the most demanding customers we can offer a design service according to their conception. You can have fully personalized furniture that will perfectly fit your interiors. We can help you in any decision connected with our offer.

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Interior design services

AS HOME offers you interior design and arrangement services. It’s a perfect solution for those, who appreciate unique style, highest quality and elegance. We base on natural materials like glass, mirror, steel, concrete, and stone. We will arrange for you an interior, that will fit in terms of surfaces, lighting and equipment elements. Extraordinary details and interesting textures are important for us. 

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Additional information

Weight25 kg
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