Conglomerate tray BRIGHTON

Being a small, independent company gives us a possibility of making unrestricted, unique projects. Ease of thinking and creating is for our designer, Ania, the essence of her work in AS HOME team. With every new project she’s trying to wide the range of used materials, to keep surprising our clients.

The final effect makes a big impression, nevermind what size the thing is.

Ania is an author of the new project: CONGLOMERATE TRAYS from BRIGHTON collection, resistant for the passage of time and exploitation, with a noble look. Natural look, imitating the marble veins, and stunning, primary beauty are the advantages of these accessories. Ania offers a simple colour range: matte black with white veins or shiny white with grey veins, both versions with golden, simple holders on the whole length of the tray, with a golden footers mounted in the same line as holders. 

They have been made with a quartz conglomerate, which is a versatile material, easy in caring, resistant for scratches and mechanical damages. It’s an improved stone, of a high density and hardness, and zero porosity. It is made of the highest quality, natural materials, with an addition of resin. It is hardest than the stone, and also stain resistant, with a low water absorption. With all these features, it keeps the structure of a natural marble. 

The simple, conglomerate panel, golden simple holders and footers are perfectly composed with each other, and the whole construction connects the nobility of materials, handcraft production and timeless form. 

Realization: 14 working days
Delivery: Courier

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Detailed description

The tray is made of the quartz conglomerate, matte or shiny, with a cut on the edges. The conglomerate plate is a 1,8 cm high, mounted on footers (1 cm high). It has the shape of a simple, minimalistic square, dimensions 30 cm x 30 cm, finished with a black conglomerate, or 38 cm x 38 cm, finished with a white conglomerate. Golden holders are also sides of the tray, protective for things being kept on the tray. Thanks to the stable solid construction, made of the conglomerate resistant for the scratches and stains, it is not only a decoration, but also a functional item.

Strict and minimalistic form of the tray from BRIGHTON collection, with a captivating finishing material, which aesthetic values have been underlined by a perfectly fitted golden holders, fits to every interior and every style. 


Dimensions (version of 38 cm)

  • width: 38cm
  • length: 38cm
  • height: 2cm

Dimensions (version of 30 cm)

  • width: 30cm
  • length: 30cm
  • height: 2cm

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Weight2 kg

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