Quartz conglomerate

For the table top finishing in our consoles, desks, tables and coffee tables, we propose an unusual material – quartz conglomerate. Its light shades are Calacatta Silva and Calacatta Gold, and dark with a white veins is Poetic Black.




Quartz Conglomerate is a stone table top, which is made of the natural materials – quartz and granit, and the high quality binder – polymer resin. The whole substance is baked in a very high temperature, and in the result arises a very hard file, thick on the 20 mm, which looks like a natural stone. It is very elastic, so that we can process it and use for the finishing in our table tops. It is not resistant for placing very hot pots on it (over 120°C it can damage the material).


Functional features of quartz conglomerate:

  • high resistance for scratches
  • high resistance for scratches
  • high resistance for dirt
  • waterproofness
  • easy to clean and maintenance
  • long obsolescence.

     Aesthetic features of quartz conglomerate:

    • stable and solid color
    • unique texture
    • veins imitating the natural marble.




    When creating our projects, we pay attention to the highest quality and aesthetic of our finishing materials, carefully selected by our designer. That is why we add to our manufacture the conglomerates: Calacatta Silva and Gold of a shiny surface and Poetic Black of a matte surface.


    We propose quartz conglomerate:


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