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Interior designer Anna Wilkowiecka – graduate studies on Wroclaw College of Humanities on Interior&Design field of study. Thesis written in 2019, with honors. I work on programs such as: ArchiCad, Twinmotion, Photoshop and SketchUp.

Above all, I value a good design in every zone and every detail. I’m an ambitious designer and keep aesthetic firmly. Interior design and arrangement is my greatest passion. I’m fascinated with art of Portuguese architect, ALVARO SIZA, who is an inspiration for my projects. He points out, that emotion is the best tool in architecture.


You have to feel what you are doing, and not be so rational, that you just solve the problems, because emotion is very important. Without it, something is missing.”

Alvaro Siza

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  • projekt4
  • projekt2
  • projekt3
Conceptual design of bedroom. Functional layout of bedroom in a flat in Wroclaw apartment house.

  • wejście do pokoju
  • widok na szafę
  • szafa lustrzana
  • obrazy Audrey Hepburn
  • obrazy audrey hepburn 1
  • fotele barcelona
  • łóżko
  • łóżko zbliżenie
  • komoda i biurko lustrzane
  • biurko
  • biurko zbliżenie
  • widok na łóżko
  • widok z biurka
  • wodok na wykusz
Arrangement and visualization of bedroom in a flat in Wroclaw apartment house.

My projects are addressed to people, who value unrepeatable style, the highest quality, elegance and timelessness. I constantly keep simple shapes and flat, white or pastel, plain surfaces. The surfaces are devoid of sharp divisions, to obtain a large-scale, light, simple, clean and functional interior. It has to be definite by unhampered location of planes, lighting and equipment elements. I use natural materials, like glass, mirror, steel, beton, stone and leather, and lots of bright, lighting colours. All together it gives a feeling of flawless elegance. In my projects, I pay attention to materials, textures and unusual details, to make an impression of organized space. The interior   has to be cosy and friendly for users.


My priority in designing is fulfill clients expectations, so I listen attentively to their necessities, to create a perfect project for them. The newest trends, innovations in technology and design of architecture are important for me. 

I invite you to contact me and encourage to cooperate.

I’m open to every idea.

Ania Wilkowiecka 

After making a decision of buying a furniture in our company we can create a visualization on clients request in price of it. Every extra help and consulting has to be payed extra.


Arrangement stage:

1. Conversation: visit or mail contact with the photos

2. Conceptual design (showing 2 concepts, 1 to be chosen)

3. Realizing of conceptual project: visualization of the final effect

4. Additionally: Advice in selecting finishing materials and their companies

5. Check the design offer and cooperation steps.


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