Payment and delivery


Available forms of payment in AS HOME:

Traditional transfer
A traditional way of payment(logging in to the bank, going to a bank branch or a post office) within 3 days since making the purchase in online store or according to the individual arrangement by email. Lead time is counted since the day of posting payment on the bank account:

Santander Bank Polska S.A

Bank account number:
41 1090 2415 0000 0001 4324 0309


56 1090 2415 0000 0001 4148 3854

Foreign currency account number (EURO):

65 1090 2415 0000 0001 4304 1900

Cash on delivery

Payment in cash on delivery to the courier.

Available payments:
• Paying 100 %
• Paying 30 %(the rest on delivery)

Realization of an individual order

For individual orders we require prepayment to the tune of 30% price of the order, on the internet shop bank account. This prepayment is submitting an individual order, and lead time is counted since the day of posting the payment in the bank account. The rest of the price can be paid during order reception. 


Delivery methods

All of our parcels are delivered by DHL courier. Delivery costs are dependent to the weight and size of the order. 

0 – 19 kg: 25 zl
20 – 29 kg: 50 zl
30 – 99 kg: 100 zl
Above 100 kg – our own transport: 200 zl
Our own transport: 200 zl


You can ask us about other transport details on the phone or by e-mail. We will explain all issues connected with furniture delivery.

Our own transport: with large size orders, exceeding weight of 100kg, and also big-sized products, we offer our own transport, to make sure they arrive to you safely. Delivery does not include carrying inside (check services)


Self-pickup is possible in our headquarters (after prior negotiations).

We pack all of our products with the best care and precision, safe for transport. We are trying our best so that they arrive in intact condition to our customer.


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