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Mirror display cabinet with a glass doors and shelves GREENWICH

Today, display cabinet is used not only for keeping the dishes in dining room, but it is also a piece of furniture, in which you can expose your stylish collections and art. Mirror display cabinet made of the crystal mirror GREENWICH is a modern design of visually light furniture, with a simple, carefully made, fully form, which seems to disappear in the interior, thanks to the elegant glazings on the doors and shelves and delicate, crystal knobs. Moreover, the ambient lighting provides beautiful visual effect. Mirror display cabinet GREENWICH is made of the highest quality crystal mirror, hardened glass optihinte and mdf file. Additional element – mirror frame around the cabinet – emphasizes the aesthetic values of the product. Glass shelves are deep and widely arranged, what is an advantage of the cabinet. Huge, mirror doors with a delicate, crystal knobs without any frames makes an impression of endless, open space of exhibition. Good taste design meets here with a functional solutions. 

Realization: 14-30 dni roboczych
Delivery: transport własny

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The construction is full and closed, with a big amount of elegant glaziers. The form is simple, defined by the horizontal glass shelves, visible through the huge, double doors, fulfilled by the mirror frame around the mirror, 4,5 cm wide, cut at the angle of 45°. Shelves are situated on the four levels, on every 40 cm, and it can be regulated up-down. The partition in the middle is made of the mdf in our original color, finished from the front with a mirror strap, 2 cm wide. Back and down of the cabinet is also finished with a crystal mirror. The elegant, glass shelves are made of the hardened optiwhite glass, such as the huge, glass doors, where the crystal knob is placed. The whole construction of the cabinet is made of the matte mdf file, in our original color. Inside, on the top, there is a subtle LED light on all of its width. The light, on a clients wish, can be turned on by the remote or throw the switch on the cable connected to the electrical outlet. The cabinet is situated on the chrome footers, so that glass and mirror is safe from hitting the floor, and the whole thing is places above the baseboard, so that the back can be adhered to the wall. The display cabinet is proportional and neat. 

As authors and producers of the project, we offer a wide range of materials and solutions, so that our clients can create their own, individual project.

Due to a huge size, we deliver it safely to the clients house. 

Technical data:

  • height: 180 cm
  • width: 130 cm
  • depth: 45cm

GREENWICH collection

GREENWICH collection of full, crystal furniture expanded AS HOME offer by opening section of storage furniture, which help us to keep order in saloon, bedroom, hall or bathroom. The collection refers to the modern style Arts and Crafts and glamour – making utility and functional furniture, which at once doesn’t lose its aesthetic value.

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Unique and handmade furniture to order

Every our product is professionally handmade in our workshop. You can personalize each of our products according to your needs by changing the parameters(height, width, length). You can also add some drawers or shelfs or change their configuration. For the most demanding customers we can offer a design service according to their conception. You can have fully personalized furniture that will perfectly fit your interiors. We can help you in any decision connected with our offer.

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Interior design services

AS HOME offers you interior design and arrangement services. It’s a perfect solution for those, who appreciate unique style, highest quality and elegance. We base on natural materials like glass, mirror, steel, concrete, and stone. We will arrange for you an interior, that will fit in terms of surfaces, lighting and equipment elements. Extraordinary details and interesting textures are important for us.

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Weight100 kg
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